Frequently Asked Questions

What is Buckit Week?

This year, Buckit week will be different than in the past. Buckit week 2015 will be a speaker's week—a time devoted to working on messages with brothers. The number of participants will determine the venue/lodging and somewhat the structure of the week. Though the exact structure will be dependent on the attendees, we will generally be working on actual messages (already given or to be given) along with general principles of communicating truth. We also plan to prayerfully learn from each other during the days together.

In a nutshell, Buckit Week is a time of intensive, systematic teaching of the Word of God in areas of key Bible concepts. However, for 2015, Buckit Week will be a special week for speakers. Our time will be concentrated on the preparation and delivery of messages.

Is this a repeat of Buckit Week 2014?

Not at all. This is the first time we are holding the special week for brothers.

Does this mean Buckit Week is just for "advanced" students of the Bible or "expert" speakers?

No—there will be men at various stages in their Christian growth and experience. A good attitude toward learning during this week is more important than an advanced background.

Will there be time to fellowship with the other believers there?

Yes! - The meals and breaks will be great times for this. Much of the work on messages will lend itself to working together.

When is Buckit Week?


Where is Buckit Week?


What if I am flying in for Buckit Week?

The best airports to fly into probably will be in the Washington, DC area. Rides should be able to be arranged. The three Washington airports are Washington-Dulles (IAD), Reagan-National (DCA), and Baltimore-Washington (BWI).

What is the cost for Buckit Week?


Who can attend Buckit Week?

While Buckit Week is normally for brothers and sisters, 2015 will be a brothers only week. We are seeking a wide range of ages. Traditionally, Buckit Week has been geared toward the 18- 30+ age range. However, this year the topic of training (preparation and delivery of messages) will dictate the attendees. That is, any brother led to engage in this area of training is welcome to attend. All attendees will be expected to be active participants in the workshop sessions, including practicing message delivery.

Why use &guot;University" in the description of the week?

The reason is to accurately distinguish the week from other kinds of good, week-long activities like camps and conferences.

Is Buckit Week just another week-long conference?

No. The teaching at Buckit Week is in a classroom setting, with tables, notebooks, resources, homework, and exams (not scary ones, though!)

Is Buckit Week a camp?

No. First, it is not held at a camp. Second, the goals are different than any "camp" we know about.

Will Buckit Week be boring?

HEY--We're calling it Buckit Week! Enough said!

When should I register?

As soon as you can commit to it. While we will seek to find appropriate lodging for the number attending, we could still fill up.

Who is involved with Buckit week?

Special thanks to all those who put in a lot of effort in the preparations for Buckit Week 2015, there are many. Craig Shakarji will be directing the activities during the week.

How can I help?

Please pray for the activities during Buckit Week. Pray that those whom the Lord would want to attend will be there and will find benefit in this concentrated time of study. Pray for the training sessions. Pray for safety during travel for those attending from out of town. As the Lord may lead, individuals or assemblies may make tax deductible contributions toward Buckit Week expenses beyond what is covered by the registration fee. Checks can be made out to Buckit Week, and mailed to

Craig Shakarji / Buckit Week
430 Little Quarry Rd
Gaithersburg MD 20878